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Thursday 21 December 2017

Winter - Ring out Solstice Bells - Advent Scavenger Hunt Day 21

This is probably my favourite day of the Winter ... the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere  - the Winter Solstice.   The Solstice is officially this year at 16:04 on the 21st, the exact time of sunset here.  And from here on in the days start getting longer again ... yaaaay :)  Although I must say, the early dark evenings, with fire lit, sparkling glittery lights everywhere and the smells of Christmas cooking make these days so special and cosy.  The work is done, I've looked back on the year with satisfaction and I'm happy now to be settling in for the quiet time of the Yule period to recharge the batteries, settle in to just being, and over the next couple of weeks setting desires and intentions for the coming year.

Wishing you all the blessings of the season - here's some cheery music from Jethro Tull to dance around the kitchen with.

I'm joining in this month with  Julie's Advent Scavenger Hunt


  1. Love this track by Jethro Tull.

  2. I love Jethro Tull :) And the smell of Christmas coming, cosiness, nice feelings! I am so glad that you are looking back at the year with satisfaction, dear Fil! And I shall do what you will now - take some moments to think of desires and plans :) Many thanks for all your support along the year and I was asked today to write what I wish to friends with the initial of my name :) I wish you a lot of health, peace, music, happiness, but with letter D, I wish, dynamism, determination, discipline to achieve what you want, divine moments, dignity, discoveries, delightful days, dreams, daring ways, decisiveness :) Many hugs, dear Fil!


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